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We Design it You 

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Interior Design
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Client- L.A. Transplants, no kids 1 cat. 

Year - 2018-2019

Location - Franklin, TN 

Designer - Laura Thurman | Thurman Design Studio LLC

Email: laura@thurmandesignstudio.biz

C: 310. 384.8090

Web: Thurman Design Studio

IG: @thurmandesign 

Photographer - Daniel Christopher

Web: Daniel Christopher Photot

IG: @danielchristopherphoto 

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Interior Design


Design Blog/ Photography Internship

Thurman Design Studio is a an interior design firm in Nashville, TN focusing on new construction infill selections, custom interiors and design blogging. We are in need of a super savvy design student majoring in photography, marketing and or merchandising. Our blog is taking off and we need help creating content such as: blog concepts, original photographing and creating graphics to market the blog. The ideal candidate will possess the following:

- Fully proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)


- Fully proficient in all Social Media outlets - our biggest are Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

If you know Wix Web platform that would be awesome but is not required! 

- Videography skills would be awesome but not required. 

- Tons of creative ideas and perhaps no professional outlet to test and display those ideas.


- Local candidates preferred.

The studio needs someone who is smart and passionate about social media, photography and blogging. Someone who is ready to jump in and bring their creative ideas to the table! Do you love content creation and the research behind creating blog posts? Are skilled at styling vignettes or are you a talented young photographer? Do you have a killer eye for creating clean beautifully intriguing graphics? Then we would love to hear form you!


Bring what you have learned in and or outside of school and help grow the firm! This is a credit only intern position. Remember this is a smaller firm so your ideas WILL be heard and implemented. In turn, you'll build your portfolio and gain experience. We are willing to work with your schedule and would prefer someone at least 2 days a week. Must provide your own laptop the studio will supply a computer monitor, smart mouse and keyboard (Mac). 


Must be okay with house environment & not allergic to dogs. (The studio has 1 small dog). Though we are laid back firm who works hard and still has fun you MUST have a PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE & WORK ETIQUETTE!!

If seriously interested please email resumes and portfolios to Laura Thurman at laura@thurmandesignstudio.biz. Please do your RESEARCH on our company. You should understand the projects we work on and the type of blog we run. 

We look forward to connecting soon!


Laura Thurma


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I'm Laura Thurman, creator of this blog and owner of Thurman Design Studio LLC. What I love most about interior design is the design process and all the hidden elements that make a space great: color theory, mood boards and textiles.

Inspiration is all around us in various creative fields; interiors, architecture, graphics design & fashion.

The purpose of my blog is to educate my readers by sharing the "inside scoop" on the design world and, in turn, provide helpful insights that will inspire you to elevate and love the spaces you inhabit.               

I hope you leave educated and inspired! In need of interior design help? View our services here, or contact us.

We'd love to hear from you!

Nashville Interior Desiger

Nashville Interior Design Press



We are excited to introduce our beautifully curated collection of furniture and decor for your home. Each month we'll be bring you fresh  selections. It's a convenient way to achieve the TDS look, swap out dated furniture, or give your space a facelift with new accents.

Happy Shopping!

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Do you have an upcoming event that you'd like to make special? We'll create a thoughtful event design based on your needs. Garden party, baby shower, company dinner, a special someones birthday - we will design the decor from the tablescapes, botanicals, and themed decor to bring the fullest impact to your event. 

  • Fill out the design questionnaire

  • Send photos of your space (if available)

  • We'll contact you for Q&A's and send quote 

  • You approve

  • Then we schedule a date to come style your space


Now for the creation of of our projects. These are some the tools I feel are best for presentations, drawing and graphics. 


Need inspiration, motivation and or education content look no further. From industry news, to podcasts, to the top Facebook business pages, to professional books, accountants and business coaches I've got you covered.  


Despite that fact that I hate Social Media is taking over the world, as a business owner it is an integral part. I hope these tools will help organize, automate, or inspire you to tackle your social game! 


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No design business can be successful without organization and efficiency

Ivy Co. is my favorite software for running the backend of my interior design business. 

Get a free introduction and software trial to see if Ivy is right for you. 

Ivy Co Software


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Television shows, magazines, and Pinterest make designing a home seem easy, it's more complicated than that. 

Quality design has many layers and many moving parts. From conceptual design to the fabrication of product and installation of goods, from ordering, tracking, and managing the contractor and all the subs in between--it takes work!


Our clients don't have the time or the creative know--how to pull off a fabulously cohesive design.

Luckily we do! Our team has the expertise and the vision to transform your space into a home you feel proud of. 


We walk you through the process in a fun and engaging way, all the while dealing with the headaches and busy body work behind the scenes. In the end you will have saved time and money by having it done right  the first time. 

Design is an investment, but it's one that lasts for years. Your updated home begins with a meet-and-greet,

an in person design consultation with our team. Zoom and Skype Consultation are available. 

Nashville Interior Design Press



We are excited to introduce our beautifully curated collection of furniture and decor for your home. Each month we'll be bring you fresh  selections. It's a convenient way to achieve the TDS look, swap out dated furniture, or give your space a facelift with new accents.

Happy Shopping!


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