Around the World: Must Read Magazines

It's no secret that magazines are a big trend right now! From travel, food, design and lifestyle everyone has a different take and voice. While on Instagram, I stumbled upon Tho Keller, creator of Coffee Table Mags. This company brings independent publications from all over the world into coffee shops for you to enjoy. Here are a few examples of magazines that are apart of this incredible company. Trust me you'll wish this was your job too!

Standart Magazine: This new publication (created in Slovak Republic) focuses on highlighting the art of speciality coffee.

Fantastic Man: A men's style journal published in Amsterdam. Get all the tope, product information and trends for men.

Cereal Magazine: Each chapter is based off a different city showcasing people's, food, products as well as beautiful photography published in the United Kingdom.

Kinfolk: A slow paced lifestyle magazine that explores ways for its readers to simplify their lives, cultivate their community and spend time with their loved ones.

Gather Magazine: This food lovers magazine shows the process of a meal from the garden, to the stove and eventually your plate.

The Weekender: An independent magazine on travel, food and nature. Published in Germany.

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