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Mixing patterns may seem scary for those who are not used to it, or don't have a great eye for what goes good together. Whether you are designing an interior space, or pulling a work outfit together, use these simple tips to get you that eclectic yet chic look!

1. Movement- Bring in a pattern that has fluidity and movement to it (floral, greenery, watercolor) etc... This will act as a soft subtle background for the more bold patterns to go on top of.

2. Geometry & Graphics- Consider using a large-scale stripe or graphic print for a touch of boldness.

3. Small Scale- Now that you have your organic textile and bold pattern, you now need to layer a pattern that is smaller in scale. This should not be as large as the graphic print. Think small dots, paisley, or textured patterns.

4. Animal Print- A good animal print communicates adventure and eclecticism. It also provides dimension so your overall design and or wardrobe does not become too flat.

Implement these 4 guides and your space/ wardrobe will be chic and current while standing the test of time! View the interior design fabrics combined with fashion inspiration below.

Pastel Perfection

Spunky | Effortless | Classic Reinvented

Timeless | Glamorous | Crisp

Vibrant | Saturated | Bold

Fabric images- Thurman Deisgn Studio | Fashion images- Bloglovin, Apostolic Clothing, Tommy Ton


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