Behind the Design: Transforming Your Fabric Swatches

If you're a textile fanatic like me you probably have tons of leftover fabric swatches lying around. Are they stuffed in a bag in your closet, or hidden in a box somewhere? I know you just can't get rid of them they're too pretty, so what should we do with them? Here is a fun and simple DIY project to transform those scraps into a beautiful piece of art!

What you'll need:

Fabric Swatches

Pen or Sharpie


Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Blank Canvas (ALL can be found at your local craft store)

The size of the canvas depends on you. How large or small would you like your art piece?

Gather your fabrics scraps and start cutting them into 2"x2" squares. Depending on the size of your canvas you could increase the swatch size to 3"x3" or 4"x4". You want to be as accurate as possible with the sizes.

It's helpful to have a template cutout. I used an old piece of cardboard and traced the square shape on the fabric with a Sharpie.

Once all your fabric is cut start laying out your squares on the canvas. Leave a 1"- 2" boarder on all sides. I find the more random the colors, patterns are etc.. the better the end result. I have done several of these and when I try to plan a color scheme it gets a bit tricky and sometimes not as interesting. Feel free to move things around and mix up the fabric arrangement. They're not glued yet so this is the time to experiment.

When you are happy with the fabric layout begin gluing your swatches to the canvas. You'll want to use a generous amount. Take note of the more transparent fabric swatches, these will change color slightly once the glue bleeds through and dries.

Leave to dry for about 1 hour and VUALA you're done. Hang with 1 or 2 nails and enjoy your new one-of-a-kind art piece!! I'd love to see your finished product. Share your images with us on Instagram @thurmandesign.

Happy Creating!


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