Designer Look: Kitchen Essentials

We all have Pinterest boards and magazine clippings full of kitchen inspiration. You see these fabulous designer details and are trying to create the look on your own. Well, there are a few kitchen essentials you'll need if you want to polish off your space and give it that fresh-styled look.

Consider these 5 elements when purchasing product for your kitchen:

Dish & Glassware / Natural Elements / Storage / Plants / Artwork / Bling

DISHES & GLASSWARE These items are especially important if you have open cabinets or floating shelves. When your dishes are on display it's important that they not only be beautiful but organized. Stack your dishware in groupings to keep the shelves form looking cluttered.

When sitting out glasses I like to turn them upside down. Though occasionally you will need to rinse a glass before serving it, this does help keep excess dust at bay. Here are some of my favorite vendors for dishes and glasses. Don't forget to visit your local flea markets (that's where my green glasses were purchased) I have also fund some treasures at estate sales. And you can never go wrong with classic white!

1. White Porcelain Plates | 2. Blue Fez Plates | 3. Black Organic Pates | 4. Fez Moroccan Plates |

5. Indigo Plates | 6. Stone Gray Plates | 7. Highball Glasses | 8. Pilsner Glasses | 9. Blue Rocco Glasses | 10. Moroccan Tea Cups | 11. Organic Glaze Mug | 12. Tankard Mugs


The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. You want your family and guests to feel invited into this space. Adding natural elements such as wood, marble and metal will create this atmosphere. Corral your fruit, utensils, mail and even pantry goods into beautiful jars to put on display.

1. Anchor Jar | 2. Blue Harbor Jar | 3. Tea Box | 4. Salt Cellar | 5. Creamer | 6. Wood Metal Tray

7. Copper Hanging Basket | 8. Woven Storage Basket | 9. Cutting Board | 10. Cheese Board

11. Lagoon Wood Spoon | 12. Rolling Pin


Add freshness to your kitchen with potted plants and herbs. They also add a nice aroma.

ART & BLING Don't forget to layer art behind your dishes. Art isn't only for your living room, it adds color depth and gives your kitchen that designer edge you're looking for. Add a touch of bling and glam with beautifully unique cabinet knobs and pulls.

1. Framed Linen | 2. Framed Canvas Black | 3. Agate Shadow Box | 4. Framed Watercolor | 5. Framed Watercolor Palm | 6. Knobs

Now it's you turn start styling your kitchen! Please share you photos with us on Instagram #tdskitchenstyle.

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