Deciphering Art: Orientation, Layout, Grouping

ART. How should I lay it out? Whats the proper size? How many for a grouping? Do I mix different subject matters together? Well the answer is, it's ALL subjective! Having sourced art for both my home and the homes of clients, I hope I can clarify a few of these questions in today's blog post!

Take a picture of your space or wall and if you can digitally (via photoshop or illustrator) layout the art out. Having things be to scale is ideal but if not that's okay. The real goal is to see how the art plays off one another. Create a Pinterest board with art you love, mix various subject matters and start arranging them next to each other. I can't imagine there are Pinterest virgins still out there but if there are, here is an easy Youtube tutorial for beginners.

As you are start sourcing your art and playing around with placement remember spacing and frame selection are biggies. If you're wanting an eclectic gallery wall but still want the overall feel to be clean and legible then you want the spacing between each frame to be to consistent as shown on my stairwell. Notice i've mixed white, gold, black, matted and unmated frames together. Don't be so matchy-matchy. Art is where you should feel free to express your creativity!

1. Young Lady | 2. Lovely Neutron | 3. Floral 7 | 4. Floral 2 | 5. Black & White Stripe

6. Sunburst Mirror | 7. Storm Watch | 8. Rubber Fig | 9. Fiddle Leaf Fig | 10. Top Knot 35 |

11. Indigo Blot | 12. Blue & White China

STACK ONE BEHIND ANOTHER - A seasoned designer will say a well-designed room should feel layered. Art will achieve just that! Big, small, horizontal or vertical, play with stacking art behind one another.

13. Farmhouse | 14. Lemons

STACK THEM VERTICALLY- Up up and away.... if you have a more narrow space consider taking your art up the wall vertically. Again playing with scale and variation in frame style.

15. Garden Shed | 16. Burnt Mountain17. Cameo

OVERSIZED- One of my all time favs. Can art really be too big..? Nope, not in my book! Sometimes

one or two large, oversized art-pieces is all you need to add drama.

18. Contact Us to order this particular art set connect

THREE IS THE LUCKY NUMBER- Naturally our eyes respond to odd numbers. 3 vases grouped together, a cluster of 5 art pieces etc... The number 3 does seem to be the lucky number. This is a nice way to force yourself to play with size find one large, one medium and one small print and you're set.

19. Best of Days | 20. Herringbone 21. Red Coat

PLAY WITH ORIENTATION & SCALE- Take the "3 is the lucky number " concept and elevate it some. As shown above there are two large portrait images and a large square frame. Mix rectangular and square shapes together for an unconventional and unique effect.

22. Passage 1 | 23. Passage 2 | 24. Fossil

Here is a list of my favorite art vendors

Low to Mid $$$

Artfully Walls | Minted | World Market | Etsy | | Target | Getty Images | West Elm

High End $$$$

Natural Curiosities | Saatchi Art | Grand Image Art | The Honest Brush | Lost Art Salon

Have a special piece of art but lack the frame? Look no further than Framebridge.

If you found this post helpful please leave comments below and share your art projects on Instagram and tag us @thurmandesign. If you still feel lost and would like help curating and installing art for your space please contact the studio connect we'd love to assist! If you don't live in the same city or state as us, no sweat our

e-design service allows us to work with clients throughout the U.S.

Happy art hunting,

Laura Thurman


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