Porter Flea Market: Artisans, Makers, & Fellow Creators Part I

The hubby and I visited the annual Porter Flea Market this weekend here in Nashville! The venue was filled with more than 140 local and regional artists and artisans out to share unique, local and handmade gifts. Needless to say I met some wonderful people and saw endless array of beautiful products. I thought I'd share a few of them with you guys.



If you're into the natural, hand crafted, and beautifully simple aesthetic this vendor is for you! The name

"Xinh" /sinh/ means cute & pretty in Vietnamese. The owner, Trang, has a wonderfully kind spirit. This is a fair trade company. They visit the workers and create partnerships that benefit both sides. Everything was well-made and, in my opinion, very reasonably price!


Here you'll find both wall art for the home and beautiful handmade jewelry. Christine has a great eye and a craft for manipulating her metals into pieces that are clean and modern, yet very elegant! Dainty can go a long way.


Kacie Lynn is a textile artist who's wonderful business not only produces sellable goods, but also educates. Fiber Farm is home to humble herd of alpacas, several miniature donkeys, a goat, lamb, and two cats. She offers workshops for textile education and retreats. You can visit her relaxing farm, and for $8 go on a tour of the grounds and relax and take in the scenery. Sign me up! Being the city girl that I am, I told Kacie I would definitely plan a trip to the farm and experience all it's natural glory first hand!


Ever wonder how artists make those stunning woven wall hangings? Thanks to Ashley Owens you can now purchase a kit and create that same magic at home! From clothing to home decor and accessories, the Black Sheep Goods has a little something for everyone.


HECHIZO This had to be one of my favorite jewelry vendors, hands down!!! The craftsmanship was amazing. However, it was the material combination that really grabbed my attention. Hand-shaped and painted ceramics, leather and metal, now that's my kind of jewelry! It's a unique memento that will definitely catch someone's eye! Be on the look out for Hali Emminger, it will only take one celebrity to rock her beautiful pieces and she's set!


It's a little modern, a little quirky and ultimately a beautifully simple statement piece. If you're in need of a few modern but classic pieces to add to your jewelry collection, One Six Five is the spot!



How about jewelry that's not only stylish but also baby and kid safe?? As a designer, I am extremely sensitive to color in art, textiles, paint, etc. I have to say Jenny Luckett has an incredible eye for color combinations. Her easy to fasten necklaces are made out of food grade silicon, which makes them lightweight and safe for babies and kids. The necklace can double as a teething toy! Affordable, multifunctional and beautiful, can you go wrong?


I don't have kids, but if I did I'd be shopping here! Making the most of her time and talent, this stay-at-home mom turned her passion for unique handmade goods for little ones into a business. Her products demonstrate a natural, softer approach to kids' toys and clothing.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my Porter Flea Market Round Up. There were simply too many to include in one post. All these vendors possess wonderful talent and drive, a real grass-roots initiative. I hope you'll join in supporting their creativity and make their brands known to family and friends!

Happy Shopping,

Laura Thurman


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