Lets Have a Little Pillow Talk!

We're talking pillows for your home! If you're anything like me you might have a slight obsession with pillows. When my husband, Josh, and I moved into our new house he said "so where is the pillow closet going to be?". I admit I have a slight problem! Pillows are a simple way to introduce color and warmth to a space. Switch them out for different seasons and for holidays for an instant refresh!

There are endless inexpensive options for pillows from Target, TJ Maxx, Wayfair, West Elm, Pottery Barn and alike. But what about those beautiful designer pillows you've seen in magazines and tv shows? How do you group them together so they look stylish and not awkward?

Well, I'm bringing those resources and tips to you in today's post! I created several pillow collages that you can purchase through our firm. These are "to the trade" (designer) only pillows and are not sold in retail shops. I wanted to provide my readers with quality, well-made, long-lasting, BEAUTIFUL pillows and give examples on how to combine pillows properly. These will not be cheap, discounted pillows, the price point will be higher than say TJ Maxx, but for the look and quality you are still getting a great deal!

Keep in mind sales tax and shipping is not added to the totals as this will vary depending where we ship too. Included in pricing is a down feather insert for each pillow. A lower grade poly insert can be substituted and re-quoted.

On that note, let's quickly discuss the difference between down and poly inserts and their different applications. The benefit of using a down insert (pictured above left), goose feathers or synthetic down is that it will allow you to "re-fluff" your pillows. If you have pets, kids or entertain a lot, the pillows will eventually flatten. The feathers allow the form of the pillow to bounce back.

If you have allergies a 100% down insert is not your friend. You will most likely have an allergic reaction. Your alternative will be synthetic down or poly infill. Poly (pictured above right) is a synthetic made to look like to cotton. Typically cheaper in cost but also not as forgiving when reforming the pillow.

A FEW PILLOW TIPS - Start with the largest size first and work your way tot he smaller sizes, i.e. 24", 22",18", 16", 14". The larger pillows will either be a bold statement backdrop, or slightly more subtle so that the pillows in front are highlighted.

Second, play with placement and orientation. Either be symmetrical or completely mix it up.

Third, layer, layer, layer! You must layer texture, color and scale of patterns. Too much of the same thing will read flat and your eye will completely pass it over.


This is a beautifully soft arrangement of neutrals. Layered with various textures and subtle creams, blues and greens. For those who are a little shy with bold colors, but would still like your bedding to make a statement this is a great option! #1 lush soft textured cotton, #2 linen with delicate contrasting trim, #3 fringe for days,

#4 super soft raised textile pattern.

Total pillow grouping - $559


Go bold. Safe is boring. Breathe life and energy into your space with this pillow combo. #1 is lush velvet,

#2 cotton linen blend with jute trim, #3 beautiful linen shell layered with raised beading that adds texture and dimension, #4 a little soft fluff never hurt nobody (this is a faux fur), #5 cotton woven blend with pompom tassel corners, this final pillow ties all the colors together while introducing a funky pattern.

Total pillow grouping - $433

RIDING SOLO These are pillows that need no companion to sing in the choir. They're special all on their own. These are just a few pillows that would look great in an armchair or resting on a bench. At first they may seem randomly comprised, but, in fact they each share at least one of the major pillows elements: color, texture, pattern, metallic and print. #1 silk $70 | #2 velvet $46 | #3 cotton linen $59 | #4 linen cotton $54 | #5 cotton with raised pattern threading $48 | #6 cotton gold metallic pattern $33


Here are couple more options. One slightly masculine (perhaps a teen's room) and the other a feminine look.

#1 wool, #2 linen blend, #3 cotton

Total pillow grouping 1-3 = $364 Total pillow grouping 4-7= $417


A fresh combo that provides beautiful hand woven threads, soft textures and fabulous color combos!

#1 cotton with raised patter thread, #2 cotton with raised beading pattern, #3 chunky wool and cotton (think winter sweater), #4 velvet, #5 jute cotton, #6 linen cotton.

Total pillow grouping= $510


This is for all my bohemian lovers out there! It's bold, ethnic, and will add that wow factor you're looking for.

#1wool , #2 cotton, #3 cotton, #4 cotton, $5 cotton, $6 silk.

Pillow grouping total= $

I hope you've found this post helpful and informative. If interested any of these pillow combos, or if you'd like help specifically selecting top quality pillows for your space please contact us! Be sure to include the grouping title, pillow number and your choice of insert in your inquiry. We will send you an invoice once we receive your request!


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