Fall-ify Your Home: Part 2 - Fall Flowers

We're back with Part 2 of Falli-fy Your Home - unique decorating ideas for the Fall season. Part 1 was all about the color story and how to establish an elevated color palette for your space.

Today we're talking "Fall Flowers", more specifically faux flowers. I know, I know... fresh is always best. However, for those who prefer a low maintenance approach, are on a budget, would like to reuse their flowers, travel often and or have an allergy to real foliage then this post is for you!

During the final installation phase of a clients project I'll typically go shopping for fresh flowers, you'd be surprised however many of my clients do not want fresh flowers! They like they way they look and smell but I always get the comment "what do I do to the vase when they die?" They want the beauty to last, not having to think about how to freshen up the vase.

Faux flowers have really come a long way. There are wonderful options out there that do look real and are affordable. Grab a pen and notepad because you'll want to take notes notes from this video below. Happy viewing!

Now where do you find these beauties? Here are my go to shops for finding affordable, quality, faux florals. Though you can purchase stems and greenery online, I highly suggest going into the store. The quality of flowers is always best to decipher in-person and not online. Be sure to download the apps for these retailers as there are always sales and coupons.

Hobby Lobby | Michaels | Pier One

Be sure to bend your stems first before cutting to insure you have the right length. Invest in a decent pair of floral shears and wire cutter. Trust me, regular scissors will NOT work, they'll just make your life more difficult. These can be found at almost any craft store. I hope you found this post helpful and you now feel equipped to select better quality faux florals and arrange them in new and unexpected ways. You can do it just like a design pro!

Stay tuned for Part 3: Textiles - Rugs & Pillows


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