Fall-ify Your Home: Part IV - Area Rugs

DO I like rugs? No I LOVE area rugs!! Next to paint, rugs are my #1 go to for transforming and sprucing up a space. Fall-ify Your Home Part IV is all about Fall rugs that won't break the bank but are good quality.

Let's quickly go through the different rug materials and their proper applications.

NATURAL fiber rugs are great for bringing the outdoors in. They are comprised of natural fibers such as Jute, Seagrass, Sisal, Hemp & Bamboo. They almost always have a natural warm color palette perfect for the Fall season. Most natural fiber rugs are absorbent, making them bad for high moisture areas.

JUTE will be your softest of natural fiber rugs, making it the least durable. This would be great in a formal living room, formal dining room or office. Jute is also the most inexpensive option. Choose jute for low traffic areas.

SEAGRASS is one of the most beautiful natural fibers. It can be woven and manipulated to create beautifully intricate patterns. These rugs will typically come with a latex backing to ensure the fibers are secure.

Because Seagrass grows in marshes it will naturally repel water. These are very durable rugs and will handle years of wear-and-tear well.

Sisal will be the most course but also the most durable of any natural fiber selection. This is a perfect rug for layering smaller more colorful rugs or even a cow hide on top. You may like the warm color and look of the texture but your feet will not.

Looking for durable and high quality? Look no further, WOOL rugs are for you. They are thick in texture and add beautiful sophistication. A 100% hand knotted wool rug will be pricy, but will last years.

If your wallet can't quite afford a 100% wool, cotton blends are wonderful alternatives. Varying in price points, cotton and synthetic blends are by far the most practical and widely sourced rugs. The colors, sizes and applications are endless. If you have kids use an indoor/outdoor rug. This will provide the most longevity and you can hose it down outside, let it dry and use it again.

There are a few common mistakes people make when purchasing an area rug, the biggest is not selecting the proper size rug for the space!

The rug should touch almost every piece of furniture in your room and be placed at least 6 inches under the front two feet of the furniture's central seating arrangement. See how the sofas sit almost halfway on the rug on the bottom image? That is the proper size for an area rug. A rug that fits only under the coffee table or barely touches the furniture is too small.

Guidelines for Purchasing A Rug

- Select the proper scale of rug (12" from wall & fits under front furniture leg at least 6")

- Consider material of rug. Where it will be located (indoors or outdoors) living room or

cozy bedroom setting?

- Don't be afraid to layer. Select a larger 9'x12' or 8'x11' area rug and place a 5'x8' rug on top.

It adds color and dimension

- When washing or hosing off a rug outside be sure to let it dry completely before bring it inside, otherwise the rug will spoil. Hang over railing if possible.

- Some higher quality rugs will require professional cleaning. Reach out to a local rug cleaner for quote. Hold on to rug tags so when asked you can provide the material type.

There are lot of sales going on right now for area rugs. Here are a few of my Fall favs!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

If you're are interested in rugs 5 -- 9 or if you would like help sourcing a rug for you particular space please CONTACT US with the size you need along with shipping address and we will provide a quote.

If you haven't already checkout our new DIGITAL DOWNLOADS "the Designer Shopping List" is a wonderful resource of over 100 of our favorite retail vendors.

Happy Fall Shopping! Laura Thurman


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