Fall-ify Your Home: Part V - Fall Scents for the Home

No one likes walking into a home and instantly smelling bad odors: food, dogs, dirt -- you name it -- it's not cute. It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed with making sure our home smells fresh at all times.

If you have pets and like to entertain, then you really need to be aware of the odors in your home. We all want our guests, friends and family to feel welcomed and relaxed. Stinky smells will NOT accomplish this!

With the change of seasons comes all the yummy foods and flavored lattes and don't forget those yummy Fall scents! Picking the right type of vessel to deliver these scents can be tricky. There so many options to choose from: candles, oils, soaps, hand lotion, diffusers and more. I've created a video sharing some of my favorite Fall-scented products and the vendors I source from.

No more picking out a candle that you thought smelled good, bringing it home and later having a headache from the potency. I'm share my tips to picking the subtle and sophisticated smell-goods!

I hope this video inspired you to seek out some yummy smell-goods of your own and also introduce new and unexpected scents. Like I say, nothing wrong with "pumpkin spice latte" but let's get a little more creative and have your guests wondering wow what is the delightful smell!!

Here is a breakdown of the product featured in the video!


Clementin & Honey / Winter Wool / Bougie Parfume

Nest Candles


Red Orange / Blackberry Vanilla

Room Spray - West Elm

Kitchen Dish, Hand & Lotion - Murchinson Hume

Home Cleaners

Wax Warmers - Target

Variety of Selections

Body Butters, Scrubs, Bath Bombs & More - JK Soul Salts

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