Christmas Tree Decor Themes

Are you getting ready to "Deck the Halls"? We sure are! With Thanksgiving completed it's time to pull out those buckets full of Christmas decor and set the stage.

Do you ever wonder how department stores or magazine have such perfectly styled Christmas trees? Well let me let you in on a secret, it ALL starts with a theme and color palette. Deciding this first will give direction to your decor and ensure all ornaments compliment each other.

Let's take a look at 4 different Christmas Tree Themes. Some are traditional while others will push the "traditional" standards.


This is by far the most homey and traditional of the themes. The main colors are red, white, gold and silver. Mixed in are those whimsical and sentimental ornaments. This is great option if you have kids and would like to display those special hand-crafted ornaments you've collected over the years.

You can even pull inspiration from nature and food such as the gingerbread ornaments and cute woodland creatures. Have fun, play and don't think about how perfect it will look. The "Whimsical Beauty" theme all comes together in in the end with consistent colors and spirited ornaments.


Nothing says royalty like deep, saturated jewel tones. If you love the glitz and glam and would prefer a theme a little less traditional and more creative, this is or you. Think saturated, combined with sparkle.


Classic, glitzy and oh so frosty. This is a timeless option that will look great in any application. The key here is to get snow dipped ornaments and a variety of different metallics: gold, rose golds, and silver.

Don't forget to play with different luster finishes. Mix in matte and gloss elements to add dimension. This also helps to move your eye around the entire tree.


If you love a more paired-down, modern aesthetic try embracing black ornaments! Unconventional, I know, but bold and certainly unique. Tie in the traditional sparkly red and gold tones. Play with icon fabric prints like plaid, stripes, and checks. Keep the ornament shape simple and clean to achieve the modern look.

The ornaments in this post were collected from all over: At Home, Pier One and Target.

Some of my favorites came from Cost Plus World Market, all their ornaments are currently 50% off. I hope you feel inspired to think outside the box and try a new Christmas Tree Theme this year!

Happy Decking the Halls!

Laura Thurman


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