Laura's Favorite Things: His/ Her & Kid Holiday Gift Ideas

Its that time of year and, though I may not be Oprah Winfrey, I too have a list of Favorite Things I'd love to share with you, hah! When it comes to gift-giving (which happens to be my love language), I think of two things: 1) Application - Where might the individual use my gift? 2) Timing - How quickly will they be able to use it?

Many of us get in a jam and run out of time when it comes to gift shopping. Though I will never turn down a gift card, they really aren't my favorite type of gift. Gift giving is all about showing how thoughtful you are and how well you know the receiver. I'm sharing some of my favorite products several are great for immediate use others for the upcoming Spring season.


I had a hard time narrowing down the kitchen goods as there are so many fabulous options to choose from. Do you know someone who is a coffee or tea snob? Or perhaps loves a fresh smelling kitchen? Then these products are your go-to's. I love a great hand soap and lotion combo. A nice coffee container or teapot is not only practical but can be beautiful as well. Obviously, this is an instant use gift, right up my alley!

This soap and lotion duet from Murchinson-Hume is a wonderful gift, sophisticated yet simple. All their scents are great, "Original Fig" in my opinion is the best. Don't forget to look at their accessories tab. That cute ceramic tray to hold the product is a must have!

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When selecting lighting as a gift you don't want to be too specific in style and color. Rather pick a fixture that has classic neutral colors with a little interest. Again it's best if you know the receiver of this gift well, but there are always gift receipts if you are unsure.

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Any gift that adds warmth to a home, I say, is a great idea. Be it candles, cozy ottomans or throw blankets most of these gifts will be used and enjoyed by others. There are thousands of candle brands and I could do a blog post just on candles alone, however, I'll keep it brief and say I absolutely love this candle scent "Clementine & Honey" by World Market. It's soft and not to overpowering in smell. Trust me it's lovely.

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When gifting clothes I tend to stick with classic, simple silhouettes A "V" neck most men like and this soft heather gray color will look great in both Winter or Spring the season. While it's still chilly out, a nice cashmere scarf is a great gift for a guy. For those gents who like to journal or take professional notes consider this rustic leather journal as a snazy option.

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Now for that special women in your life or perhaps a great friend, here are a few suggestions. Perfume can be a very personal selection, however, it does make for a great gift. If you don't know the exact brand she likes purchase a small sample pack. "Nest" is a quality perfume line with beautiful scents. They also have candles and room sprays. You may just turn her on to this brand in more ways than one.

Most women love a travel hand lotion, "Crabtree & Evelyn" never disappoint! For the woman who is a planner, well-organized and jots everything down, then this Ink Volt 2018 planner is just the ticket. I discovered Ink Volt last year. It's a very creative, stylish and sophisticated planner most women will just love.

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When it comes to kids, generally speaking, its all about function and storage. That said I'm all about kid products that don't look overly juvenile. They can be whimsical but also sophisticated. Ensuring the child won't get tired of it too soon and it will look good when upgrading their room decor. This woven hamper is a perfect example cute and youthful, but not too childish.

Who doesn't love a cozy bean bag chair? Perfect for your preteen or teenager to have in there room when friends come over to hangout. By this point who doesn't know about Harry Potter? I dare say this franchise will be sticking around for many years to come. How adorable is this Gryfindoor backpack! They have all the other houses represented on the website.

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Books are a great gift because there is such a broad selection to choose from; deep, intelligential, humorous take your pick.

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I hope of these "Favorite Things" will strike your fancy and make for great gifts to friends and loved ones. Remember get a gift receipt if you are a little unsure and do your best to stay clear of gift-cards unless you know the receiver they enjoy them. Take the time to show you care and really know the receiver!

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Happy Holidays!

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