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Laura Thurman- Nashville Design with LA Flair

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Nick May, founder of the Podcast The Chaise Lounge! I thought, "what a fun way for my readers, colleagues, design community and clients to get to know me better!"

Nick has quite an interesting background himself. I really enjoyed learning about his childhood and his very successful paint business called Walls by Design.

In the interview I shared about my transition from LA to Nashville, and how I harnessed the power of networking and social media to grow my interior design business.

If you're not big into Podcasts, no worries. I'll recap the interview in this post, but also share a little more of my personal background and how I got into design world.

For those who don't know I'm originally from Los Angeles. Yup born and raised! I moved to Nashville, TN five years ago. As a child, I really enjoyed painting, drawing, dancing and re-arranging bedroom furniture. I danced for 10 years all throughout High School. Joining a professional dance company and traveling the world was my dream. Shoutout to the television show, So You Think You Can Dance I loooove it! Unfortunately you can't be an athlete forever. Your body will eventually break down. My plan B was interior design.

I knew what it would take to be the best at dancing, and with a few small injuries and the pressures of the rigorous competitive world of dance, I opted to make plan B my new plan A. I jumped in head first and got my degree in Interior Architecture from Woodbury University. My first job out of school was working at a commercial furniture dealer along the lines of high-end office furniture, Knoll and Steelcase.

I learned how form and function play a crucial role in product selection, and how to think both ergonomically and spatially. However, it was not intimate enough. I craved the interpersonal connection that residential design offers.

So I switched gears and started gaining experience in the residential design world. I moved to Nashville 5 year ago to marry my wonderful husband Josh. I continued building my professional experience and in a few years I took the plunge and went out on my own.

I started my own firm, Thurman Design Studio, three years ago, and couldn't be more grateful! Of course the business didn't just materialize. I spent months developing the brand, website, and I stalked up on supplies and materials from vendors. So, when I did get my first client, I would be ready and prepared to put my best foot forward. The rest is history. Well not really.

There have been many late nights, loads of hard work and hard lessons learned. I've spent the last year really working on professional networking and building lasting relationships within my industry. Can I just say- no matter what field you're in, learn to harness the skill and tact of networking YOUNG!!

I realize I'm still relatively young, but when I look back I wish I had more courage and took the networking initiative more often. It's never to late, get out there!

I have not "arrived" and never plan too. I always want to be learning and growing, both professionally and personally.

I don't often talk about "me" in my blog posts, but I do feel it's important to connect with you guys on a personal level. Hopefully you've learned a little something new about me today. Check out the podcast, it's a really great interview. Nick does a wonderful job. It can be found on iTunes or here, The Chaise Lounge Podcast Episode 196.


Laura Thurman


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