Instagram Roundup Part I: Artists

It is always refreshing when you stumble upon new artists that help bring out the color, texture, and pattern in your home. We've started a new series highlighting some of our favorite finds on Instagram. This week we are focusing on Artists!

Choosing the right art for your home can be a challenge. However, adding that statement piece will transform your space, and give it that polished complete look we all desire. The artists below are talented creators whose work has inspired me, both personally and professionally. If you haven't already discovered them, get ready to be blown away by their beauty and talent.

Painter Ann Marie Coolick from Arlington, Virgina has a vibrant color palette that immediately catches your eye. Coolick has been featured in Creative Digests UK, as well as Home Goods. Her subjects typically

are landscapes, florals, cityscapes, but my personal favorites are her abstract pieces like the ones you

see below.

Artist: Ann Marie Coolick


Instagram: annmariecoolick

Painter Hayley Keeton Mitchell from Austin, Texas is the modern day Picasso. Her cubist style mixed with her strong eye for color provides the perfect addition to any room. This artist knows how to perfectly combine neutrals with pops of bright and bold colors that will stand out in any room.

I have a one of Hayle's face portraits in our powder room at home, and its set the stage for a uniquely vibrant guest bathroom. It's fun to place art in unexpected locations. Help your guests to take notice of the incredible art you source, and allow it to become a hot topic of conversation!

Artist: Hayley Keeton Mitchell


Instagram: hayley_km

Artist, designer, and author Justina Blakeney, has a cubist, organic quality to her work that complements her bohemian style and aesthetic. Her color palette is very saturated and most of her inspiration is derived straight from nature. For example, Justina recently developed a series, "Face the Foilage," where she creates portraits of women by using fresh botanicals.

Justina is a multi-talented designer (illustrator) who's work has translated over into interior design, furniture design, textiles, and wallpaper to name a few. Justina is a not only a fierce business women but an incredibly kind soul. I had the honor of meeting with Justina, and I can truly say she's is as real and authentic as it gets! Thanks Justina for sharing your passion, creative energy and business know how with me!

Artist: Justina Blakeney


Instagram: justinablakeney

Painter Kristi Kohut has developed an artistic style like no other. Her ability to use such vibrant pigmented colors in a way that is not overwhelming has set her apart from other artists. Kohut not only uses paint as a medium, but she also explores other types of material, such as crystals and paper to add new and unique elements to her work.

I'm honored to have on the Kristi's artworks in my personal home. Let me tell you it's not only a show stopper, but topic of conversation when guests enter. Everyone needs at least one piece of Kristi Kohut's artwork in their home!

Artist Kristi Kohut


Instagram: hapiart

Painter and ceramicist, Laura Berger from Chicago has an authentic, minimalist style that has set her apart from other artists. Laura's color palette is set around natural earth tones. She also enjoys bringing her art into communities. Laura recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, California by painting a mural on the side of their building.

I love that Laura celebrates the voluminous bodies of women. She has a fierce eye for playing with proportions and scale in her work. Let it be known, it's a personal goal of mine to have a huge Laura Berger art piece in my home one day!

Artist: Laura Berger


Instagram: _lauraberger_

Local Nashville painter and graphic designer, Rebecca Mullen from a town just north of Nashville has already made a name for herself at a young age. Rebecca has worked with the DIY Network, HGTV and the Food Network. Rebecca's color palette typically consist of soft, muted colors presented in an abstract form. Her pieces will instantly calm down any room.

Artist: Rebecca Mullen


Instagram: thehonestbrush

Painter Taylor Cox has taken modern art to the next level with her unique pieces. Most of Taylor's work consists of a unique blend of abstraction and realism. Viewers may look at her work and first see a simple brushstroke and thick paint on a canvas. BUT if you look closer you can see the smallest painted detail, typically humans.

Artist: Taylor Cox


Instagram: taylorcoxart

I hope you found these artist as inspiring we did! Now get to sourcing your own fabulous art, and breathe new life into your space!

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