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Have you ever wondered why your wardrobe and home appear to be so similar? That is because our outfits tend to be our home's own personal mood board! We are typically drawn to choosing elements for our home that we already are attracted to in our personal style. In this blog, you will see how my interns and I have chosen furniture and home accents that complement our everyday attire.

If you don't already know me, I am Laura Thurman and I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, but am originally from L.A. where my love of all things boho originated! Here in Nashville, summers are scorching and one of my favorite outfit selections are maxi dresses because they are so easy, yet provide great pattern, color, and texture!

Fun, vibrant and bohemian is not only a style of fashion, but it's a design aesthetic for your home as well. We paired this candy apple red dress with a fun tribal rug, and woven black pendant light. Don't be afraid to go bold and get creative. Who does't love a good throw blanket? it matched the red dress so well we had to go for it.

Shop the Look - Rug / Chair / Fierce Sunglasses / Dress / Cabinet Pull / Pendant Light/ Throw Blanket

Meet Katie, one of my design interns for the summer! Katie is a student at Western Kentucky University where she is studying Interior Design. She has a passion for all things pattern, texture, and muted colors as you can see in her chosen attire!

Katie's metallic gold earrings and leather sandals are two very different elements, but when combined complement each other perfectly!

This look is about a understated elegance. Natural materials such as jute and leather help ground the design. While a fun patterned armchair incorporates Katie's love of pattern.

Shop the Look - Sofa / Rug / Chair / Mirror

Meet Kiana, my second design intern for the summer! Kiana recently graduated from Middle Tennessee State University where she studied Interior Design. Kiana is passionate about warm, saturated colors mixed with bold textiles.

Kiana's love for bold colors and bohemian elements is also highlighted in her fun nail polish color. Don't forget a fresh mani - pedi are the new "jewelry", so get creative!

We recognize complete saturation is not for everyone, so we've toned it down a tad. We kept the yellow and pink of Kiana's clothing as inspiration, but selected furniture pieces that are slightly more muted. Bohemian rug, retro chair and this fun handmade shell pendant were the perfect combination.

Shop the Look- Rug / Chair / Side Table / Lanterns / Pendant Light

Meet Anna, my third design intern for the summer! Anna is a student at the University of Mississippi where she is studying Graphic Design. Anna has a passion for cool, vibrant colors mixed with a natural flare, and a touch of sparkle, hence her fabulous earrings.

The combination of Anna's metallic earrings and braided twine shoes are two unique elements that are opposites yet create balance when combined together.

Shop the Look - Rug / Chair / Cabinet Pull / Pendant Light Shade / Vase

We hope this blog post has encouraged you to see the connections throughout various art forms, specifically fashion and interior design! Design inspiration is all around us, and can easily be channeled into a new


SO, if your space or wardrobe is feeling a little flat just think, what piece of furniture in my space might possibly inspire a new outfit, and vice versa!

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