Summer Updates: Curb Appeal

Do you ever feel like your front exterior needs a refresh? In the summertime especially, we want the front of our homes to appear well kept and feel inviting. Curb appeal is everything and it is always nice to give the exterior of your home an update. I put together some examples of my own projects that can help you visualize what it takes to make the exterior of your home stand out from the rest of your neighborhood!

For most exteriors, you can never really go wrong with a neutral palette. In the rendering of this particular project, I chose this crisp white paint for the siding and roof fascia. To create contrast, I decided to choose a light gray paint for the trim and dark stain for wood to balance the light and dark values within

the exterior.

Here, you can see how the light fixtures, silver door knob finishes, and paint/stain colors come together to create an appealing front exterior.

Now for those that love a classic craftsman house but with an updated twist, this ones for you.Here in the TDS studio we loving refer to these houses we designed as the "Hansel & Gretel Cottages". I'm sure you can see why. They are full of whimsy and charm! Going this bold is not for everyone, I know. But if you love color, I say embrace it, not only in the interior of your home but also the exterior.

Modern Architecture is something I truly appreciate. It can also set your home apart from the rest of your street if it's done in a tasteful way. In the rendering of this new construction Nashville project, I chose neutral colors, including a white paint for the siding panels and roof fascia, a light gray for the siding window trim and doors, and lastly a warm, redwood stain for the wood siding.

Modern light fixture, rich wood tones and a little bit of design gumption makes this a modern beauty! 

Traditional with an updated twist. An easy and effective way to elevate a builder spec home is to consider using a high contrasting color palette. This adds dimension and can help elevate basic architectural details. In this project we chose to use a nice creamy white and accent it with a deep navy blue for the trim and doors. 

If your HOA will allow it, consider accenting your garage door - why should it always be plain old white!

lets take it a step further deep midnight green paint! Yup I went there, the bolder the better. We wanted this modern home to make a bold statement when seen from the street. I chose white for the siding panels, dark green for the siding, window trim and doors, and a warm wood tone for the wood accents.

Here, you can see how the different elements complement one another when combined together. The stark contrast of black and white work perfectly against the warm stained wood.

Her are a few more examples of interior front elevations from past and current projects. 

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to tackle your next summer project, of updating your front exterior. Remember always test your paint colors before fully committing. Be sure to look at the paint both in direct sunlight and in the shade. 

Happy Curb Appeal!

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