Architectural Details: Adding Character to Your Home

Paneling, walls, ceilings, trim, and more! These are all characteristics in homes that are often under-appreciated. In some of my recent projects I was able to work with wonderful craftsmen, and incorporate some of these unique details. Let's find ways to affordably and easily elevate our homes!

When you view a space or room you probably do not look towards the ceiling, because typically there's nothing interesting happening, especially if it's a new construction spec home.

You have to think outside of the box and find clever ways to infuse your home with architectural details. It's the details that help guide your eye around the house, enabling you to appreciate all that your home has to offer. If you're bold enough, consider painting the ceiling a deep saturated color.

Metallic paint is also a wonderful option, especially in a bedroom. Your light fixture will make the paint sparkle, and it sets a very romantic tone.

Here you can see some specific projects I completed in which the paneling and beams add an entirely new element to the room. The space now feels larger and adds a custom look. Stained wood or natural wood instantly gives the space a warm cozy vibe.

Adding paneling to your walls is a great way to provide texture and pattern, without having to use wallpaper. Often the wood is stained, however for this clients nursery we chose this vibrant, yet tranquil teal paint color.

Don't be afraid to paint wood. I'm all about honoring the natural beauty of wood, BUT there is a time and place to paint wood, and making it look equally fantastic.

Here you can see two examples of the wood paneling being stained with traditional wood tones. The paneling alone allows the walls of your home to instantly appear more interesting. What is great about this look, is that it can also be used for a backsplash or the front side of your kitchen island like the photo above.

The power of trim! Trim, especially, is an element of your home that is so easily overlooked, but has the potential to stand out tremendously. In this specific project I chose this navy blue color to work as an accent in the home. Without having to paint all of the walls blue to bring in this great color, I was able use it just on the trim and panelling to create a contrast against the crisp, white walls, and light wooden floors.

From the images above you can see that if the trim was a traditional white, the trim would have blended into the walls and the space would feel lackluster.

Beams and thresholds. This is such an easy and unique way to add character to a space and make a bold statement. The wood threshold not only breaks up the two rooms, but it also adds texture. It enables viewers of the home to look up at the details, and not only at your furniture or walls.

You should be proud of your home and be able to brag about it every now and then!

These architectural details are truly what make a home unique and sets it apart. I hope you enjoyed seeing these examples of some of the specific projects in which these different styles of craftsmanship were on display!

If you have a space or two in your home that needs a little love and some architectures interest please contact us to set up a CONSULTATION!

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