Flower Mart Trip

What started as a hunt to find an indoor fig tree for the latest addition to my entry-way, turned into discovering a hidden gem right here in Nashville (Bellevue), Tennessee! We discovered a nursery called, Moore & Moore Garden Center.

Everywhere you turned, your eyes were exposed to the most vibrant, saturated colors of ceramics, florals, and accessories. These blue pots were to die for! Each one made a lasting impression with its own unique characteristics and attributes!

Take a look at just how bold and colorful the vegetation and ceramics are. There was such a large variety of products and plants to choose from. Whether it be a small vase for a house plant or large planters for your back yard, they have you covered.

We were starstruck over the amazing succulents. These beauties were everywhere and were full of rich color and texture! Remember not to overwater succulents, that's a sure way to kill them. Since they naturally retain water, over-watering will cause them to rot.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, we discovered this AMAZING display of succulents in these concrete casts. Similar to a jig-saw puzzle these casts were stacked on top of one another creating a beautiful retaining wall.

This holder not only contains the plants, but is also a great wall divider, and an easy way to mix various plants breeds together.

Here are a few of our current posts and planters to help your home feel more luscious!

1. Small White Ceramic Planter / 2. Dark Turquoise Planter / 3. Small Glaze Hanging Planter

4. Matte Black Planter With Stand / 5. Macrame Hanging Vase / 6. Carved Wood Planter

Through this trip, I was able to embrace my inner green thumb in search for my fig tree, although it was extremely hard to not get distracted by all of the beautiful botanicals mother nature has to offer.

Fall is here and most of these summer plants won't be around much longer, get them while you can, and ensure your household is still lush and green for the winter months!

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