Eleanor Rigby Home Factory Tour

As an interior designer, a huge part of my job is cultivating strong vendor relationships and continuing to educate myself on product development, construction and trends.

Part of the value in hiring a designer lies is in our vast knowledge & list of resources.

I'm a huge believer in blending high $$$$ and low cost $$ items to complete a space. However, there are certain items I suggest you never go cheap on. Mainly high traffic upholstered goods, i.e., sofas and armchairs.

You want a quality sofa that will handle the wear and tear (even with kids), stand up to spills, and be comfortable enough for the occasional Sunday snooze. This means you need to be prepared to pay for quality. Luckily we can provide wonderful options for such furniture pieces.

One of my favorite vendors is Eleanor Rigby Home. ERH is a family-owned upholstery company and fine furniture manufacturer based in San Diego with more than 35 years of experience in the home furnishings industry. Christopher Thorpe (on the left) and Peter Robinson (on the right) are the brains and heart of the business, while their staff of thirteen-plus talented craftsmen and women are the driving force.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit the ERH factory! Let me tell you, these gents do not disappoint.

My trip was filled with hands-on education about the manufacturing and sourcing of leather (a speciality of their's) along with the process of how their furniture is made, packaged and shipped. After all, if you're investing in a quality piece of furniture, you want to know it's going to arrive to your home in perfect condition.

Even in this traditional "factory" setting, there were creative muses all around me. Just look at the focus and diligence of these craftsmen.

One of my favorite corners of the factory was this massive wall of all the patterns used to as templates to cut the fabric and leathers. Each cutout represents an arm, a cushion, a back frame and more. It was truly incredible to see all of them hanging at attention.

The ERH brand has maintained their presence in the furniture industry due to their distinguished hand-applied finishes, hand-stitched detailing and extremely comfortable upholstered seating. They operate in an exclusive manufacturing facility that fosters a working environment full of creativity and collaboration.

Below is a sampling of recent custom orders for our clients.

The Eleanore Rigby Team has an anything-is-possible attitude that I love. If I can dream, it they can make it. This attribute has quickly made them a valued designer resource and trusted partner. Their product offering includes upholstery, case goods and motion furniture.

Warm and cozy!

This trip to the factory was extremely inspiring and I am grateful to the ERH team for taking me on that journey. I look forward to seeing their new creations featured at the High Point Furniture Market.

You never know, I may start my own mini-furniture collection, wink wink!



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