The Infamous Moroccan Riad

Photo by Mokum Surf Club

You've seen them in photos on Pinterest, in the movies, on the A-List of places to visit in the world, and in popular Instagram Feeds- yes, I'm taking about the infamous Riads!

A riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard.

It's an architectural staple and a true representation of the "indoor - outdoor" living experience.

Photos by Pinterest & Love Happens Magazine

Moroccos weather is typically warm and extremely humid. This type of building construction with an open courtyard is perfect for enjoying the warmer days without being entirely miserable. Heat escapes, and the breeze is let in.

Other than a riad's functional attributes, what's all the fuss about? Why is Morrocco such a hot topic today, and a desired destination for all curious travelers?

Photo by Carleyscamera

It's the architecture, elaborate tile details, lush botanicals, and wonderful color experience that people fall in love with. Take this image of the riad above by Carley Rudd. Not as colorful as some yet sill packs a huge design punch!

It's dramatic with its high color contrast, the architecture is exquisite and it evokes a dream-like quality.

Photo by Pinterest

Most of us don't live in a state or country (specifically in the U.S.) that celebrate the use of exotic color and architectural embellishments. Morrocco transports us into a different atmosphere, one of relaxation, beauty and wonder!

A small body of water, be it a pool or fountain, is almost always present in a riad.

It's way to pay homage to mother nature.

Photos by Rover At Home & Cocoon

If your inspired by the beauty of Morroccan riads and would like to infuse this vibe into your space, heres a few suggested products.

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Remember to bring the indoors out, and the outdoors in. Whenever possible travel to visit this wonderful country and see the beauty for yourself!

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