Interior Design Trends to Watch

As an Interior Designer, it's my job to stay on top of what's trending in the design world.

It's not just about the pretty furniture and beautiful spaces, though we love those elements.

Trends are comprised of immense data rooted in human behavior, social passions, and spending habits, to name a few.

One trend that is obvious (even if you're not into data or research) is we're ALL feeling the need to reconnect. We need to reconnect to humanity, each other, traditions, and ultimately become more aligned to nature and tactile elements.

We are inundated with technology and gadgets. Time to put those aside and embrace that which is cozy, comforting, natural and holds deeper meaning.


As we prepare for our trip to High Point Market in North Carolina, the largest furniture market in the world, I am reminded of a very special company that I am looking forward to exploring: Aloka!

Aloka was introduced to me by a dear friend, Amy Flurry (PR and communications extraordinaire). They are known for their custom pillows made from vintage saris that have been over-dyed and block printed (Picture below).

They also feature one-of-a-kind vintage Indian quilts made of layers and layers of saris and the selections are such that they could be used for art, or for gifts or even custom pillows.

It's this kind of connection to tradition, culture and materiality we see trending in the home and decor arena.

Another favorite that I'm looking froward to seeing at market is Selamat, a brand that pairs natural elements with modern sophistication. Below are a few images from their recent collection. It so inviting, full of warmth, texture and unique details.

Attending High Point Market is my team's opportunity to test, touch and see all the latest trends and product development in person. So when we return we are well-informed and prepared to vouch for all of our wonderful vendors to our clients.

We aim to bring the fresh, new and different to our client's, always! Gems like Aloka and Selamat are precisely what we are looking for.

Stay tuned as we scour through the thousands of acres of furniture and decor in the coming months. Beautiful surprises await us and you!

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