Dramatic Before & After: Guest Suite Renovation

It's a new year, new decade, and time for new home updates! There's no better way to enter in the Spring season than creating a fresh updated look for you and your family to enjoy.

I'm excited to share this dramatic Before & After guest suite renovation! Tackling the upstairs suite was a priority to our client, as they have guests staying with them consistently throughout the year, especially during the holidays, with a fair few coming from out of the country. It was important to them that their loved ones visiting have a comfortable, stylish and welcoming space to relax in.

We started with reconfiguring the existing layout so that it was more functional, open and accommodated large gatherings. We now have a proper living and dining area, along with unique sleeping quarters, and an updated design.

The space overall was dated, lackluster and ultimately didn't function the best for the client. We knew the moment we walked in the doors this was going to be a renovation job from floor to ceiling.

We always present our clients 2 different design options to choose from. We replaced the carpet with new hardwood flooring throughout. The space was quite dark so we added new can lights and decorative lighting fixtures. Fresh paint, new furniture and decor, and an an exuberant color palette (equal to our clients awesome personality) reinvigorate the space!

We were lucky that our clients had a fabulous collection of art, gathered over many years, and from all around the world. The client gave us free reign to choose art from any part of the house we wanted - talk about kids in a candy store! There were so many beautiful pieces to choose from that a gallery wall became essential in the living room because we simply couldn't pick!

The new and improved dining/ kitchen area is awesome, a real transformation! Our client LOVES to cook and is consistently cooking for parties of twenty-plus people, so this secondary kitchen is usually fully stocked and is frequently used, making this facelift that much more important and impactful.

As you can see the kitchen wasn't super large so we needed to increase its size by appearance - not by actual square feet. The space needed a new energy, but I didn't want to overwhelm or make it feel too busy. We kept the existing cabinets and painted them a fresh blue color. We

added a modern graphic backsplash for added visual interest. Continuing the new flooring from the rest of the rooms into the kitchen also made the spaces cohesive.

We swapped out the cabinet hardware to a modern black pull, updated the appliances, and replaced the countertops with a white quartz to add a brightness and contrast the black geometric backsplash, transforming the kitchen into a funky and functional place to cook and create memories.

This space now becomes a gathering place for guests to eat a meal together, read a book and drink some morning coffee - and maybe even snuggle up on this fabulous funky sofa and watch a movie or two.

But I'm sure by now you're wondering where we plan on having all of these guests sleep - seeing as we just eliminated all of the beds from this room. Let's pop on into the new sleeping quarters that went from lifeless and flat, to elevated and cozy.

This room before was essentially a glorified storage unit with a pool table that got used maybe once a year. It was hard convincing one of the clients to part ways with the pool table, but it was essential to this design becoming functional for the family.

We're happy to say that the client is thrilled that we gave them the nudge to ditch the pool table and revitalize this room into what can be easily mistaken for a luxury hotel room.

The concept for this room really was hinged on the fact that it needed to house as many beds as possible, without feeling impersonal or cramped. The black walls and ceiling very quickly created that level of comfort and intimacy that was needed, but was balanced out by the bright white bedding, vibrant patterned pillows, and the mixture of both ambient and task lighting through out the space.

To say we "kicked it up a notch" in there would be an understatement. And while we dialed up the energy in the bedroom, we needed to really dial back the energy in the bathroom, which was originally encased in electric orange red paint and in serious need of some love and attention.

My goodness where to even start with this one! This bathroom truly pained our clients - it was leaking, outdated and just wasn't practical for the elderly guests coming to stay with them. It required a total over haul.

The shower wall tile is the real show stopper here. It mimics that of rattan, it's textured, tranquil and simply beautiful! We went for a muted color palette with an icy blue teal wall paint color.

The result was this luxurious spa escape that had the family members awe struck during their visit!

It was wonderful getting to transform these spaces for a client so devoted to serving others and having feel welcome in their home - myself included. Here's to the many memories yet to be made in 2020, and to the people we make them with!


Television shows, magazines, and Pinterest make designing a home seem easy, it's more complicated than that. Quality design has many layers and many moving parts. From conceptual design to the fabrication of product and installation of goods, from ordering, tracking, and managing the contractor and all the subs in between--it takes work!

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