Quarantine In Comfort: Oasis at Home

If you're like me your inbox has been flooded with disturbing news about current state of the world and all the health scares! While it's important to keep updated and follow recommended precautions, we can also find ways to thrive in these challenging circumstances. I would like to offer a little reprieve from the stress of it all.

I'm choosing to focus my energy on the things that bring me joy and comfort - Interior Design, of course. As we practice social distancing many of us will be more home-bound than normal.

Personally, I love being at home. My home reflects who I am as an individual, the things my husband and I cherish most, and home provides those special comforts no other place can. Does this describe your relationship with your home? It should!

if these walls could talk

Guuuuuuuurl have your walls started talking to you yet? Paint me, style me, help me! Yup, being home bound might just highlight those outdated features in your home that need improving.

Is the lackluster furniture finally glaring at you? Is the lighting so dim you can't work efficiently? It's time to update, upgrade, and inject some new life into your home.

Given the current state of things I suggest starting your interior design upgrades in a controlled way. Now is the time to plan ahead and prep for the large renovation projects that involve multiple tradesmen. For the present, start small and be intentional.

Let's talk about bedrooms for a second, more specifically your master bedroom. How does your master bedroom feel? Does it evoke tranquility, relaxation, order and comfort? Or does it scream clutter, tech gadgets, and scratchy sheets?

On a normal day we humans require sound sleep to repair, heal and rejuvenate our bodies, ideally 7-9 hours. Sleep is vital to brain function and productivity.

A thoughtfully designed bedroom comprised of both function and beauty can help you unwind

after a long day and help optimize your sleep hygiene.

luxury designed for you

Bedrooms are one of my favorite rooms in a home to design because it's such a personal space. Life, work, kids, jobs, ambitions, health, and stress occupy or minds and time on a daily basis. Don't you want a comfy, soothing place to restore your mind and body? I certainly do, you should too. You deserve it!

Bedrooms are all about luxury and identifying what luxury means to you.

Luxury isn't always about expense as much as it is about experience. We design your master bedroom with your considerations and needs in mind so you can experience meaningful luxury.

There are four design pillars I consider when designing bedrooms.

1. comfort

Soft, breathable bedding is key to a sumptuous bed. It's the layering of just the right natural textiles, pillows and blankets that will provide that deep sleep and elegance. Our sheets absorb oils, dirt, and dander every day - not to mention our pets and all that they contribute. It may be time to splurge and stock up on crisp fresh bedding.

2. Lighting

Flooding a room with natural and artificial light, is just as important as blocking it out. Lighting sets the tone and mood of the room.

3. scent

Candles, aromatherapy, essential oils and more. We source from wonderful vendors and artists to create the right energy in your space. Believe it or not scent is a powerful detoxifier.

During these germy times, I highly recommend you explore the world of essential oils. I have so many favorites but these are my top few pictured below. For quality and sustainably sourced oils try Doterra. We have about 4-5 defusers throughout the house (one in the bedroom of course). They smell fresh, cleanse the air and guard against sickness.

Breath / Citrus Bliss / On Guard / Aroma Touch / Lavender / Travel Kit / Immune Support / Guide to Essential Oils

4. personality & beauty

No room is complete without those special touches that make the room sing. Unique furniture, art, accent lighting, and fresh or faux botanicals all carefully curated to give you a beautifully functional retreat!

Whether you rent or own, everyone can have fabulous bedrooms interiors, and in times such as these we all need to rest up!

Thurman Design Studio will continue to leave our stamp on the world through great design.

We are following all guidelines for protecting the health of our clients and vendors, as well as ourselves.

Paint Consultation, Design Consultation, Custom Interiors & Design Appetizers are great options for these unique times. If you're going to be inside, love your inside.

We are offing Skype/ Zoom video design consultation. If interested please email us at design@thurmandesignstudio.biz


Stay healthy and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your home!

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