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Welcome, fellow design creative, and thank you for stopping by! 

This page is intended to share upcoming events, resources, and products designed specifically and exclusively for the trade.

The more we educate ourselves and are inclusive with one another, the

stronger our industry becomes.


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Big shoutout to Universal Furniture, a long-time brand favorite. I'm honored to have recently completed a Podcast interview about my journey to starting my own business.

The interview is now live

click link below to listen!

Universal Podcast Interview



Spring HPMKT will be here before you know it.


I'm excited to announce that I have been chosen to lead an Insider's tour at Spring 2020 High Point Market, and I would love for you to join me! 


Space is limited, so save your seat.




It's time to hunker down and dig deep into our businesses. 

Spend some time educating yourself, sharpening your skills, and cleaning up the backend of your business.

I've gathered tons of tools 

and resource over the years, and I'm sharing them with you.

Trade Resources


I'm excited to share that after several requests and inquiries I am launching a unique Mentorship Program!

This is a wonderful opportunity for a less experienced designer to get support and advice in their business.

Downloadable resources coming soon!

The interior design industry can be a stressful, isolating and a challenging world to navigate - especially on your own. So much of your success is based not only on talent, but also in establishing a confident, efficient business, and building healthy industry relationships.  


I'm grateful that over the years I have cultivated great professional relationships that have propelled my business forward. Even if you're a solo-prenuer, it takes a village of connections to last in our industry. I'm now ready to give back to my community and share my insight, experience, and contacts to help boost your business.



My mentoring is geared towards newer designers that are ready to go out on their own or have recently started their own firm. You may be a little stuck, need guidance or reassurance you are on the right track. 

From systems and process, accountability, understanding profits, marketing, website design review, project photography assessment, steps to getting your work featured, to connecting you to a fabulous PR firm, I am here to help you!


  • My mentoring style is conversational yet informative. I'll always be honest and give you the advice I feel your business needs. 

  • Keep it real, no need to be anything you're not. The more honest and open you are the better I can assist you.

  • I am your mentor, not a business coach or business strategist. I will however connect you to either should your business need it. 

  • I will encourage you to understand your value and skillset, and communicate this to your client so you can run a profitable successful business. 

  • I will share all the valuable feedback I can, but it is up to you to take action and implement the advice.

  • The beauty of design is there is no rule book, one size does not fit all. In the end I believe you have to do what is right for your business. 


Please review the options below and reach out if you are unsure which selection is best for you, or if there is something we do not have listed that you feel you could use help with. 

Once you know your selection please fill out the Mentor Questionnaire so we can best assist you.

I look forward to helping provide clarity, and growth to your business!



This is a one time 1 hour  session where we can dig into your business, you can ask for advice and gain clarity. 

Within one week our call will be followed up with a PDF filled with actionable steps.




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This is for 3 scheduled 1 hour sessions and  2 followups. If you need a more robust plan of attack for your business or a period of consistent accountability this is for you.


Within one week you will be followed up with a PDF filled with your first actionable steps. Along with a schedule outlining our remaining meetings. 





Are you in need of a website assessment? Does your website convey your brand message, design aesthetic, and clearly identify the services you provide?


This is a full review of your website design and content and or newsletter content, followed up with a PDF filled with actionable steps and resources to improve and enhance your online presence.



Fill out the Mentor Questionnaire to get started!