We are excited to announce the launch of our new video series "The Design Scoop"  to the blog.

I was inspired to create this video series after talking to so many people who are unfamiliar with how the design world really works. Design televisions shows, DIY enthusiasts, and all the inconsistent information on the internet creates unrealistic expectations when hiring and working with an interior designer.

In these videos I'm going to give you REAL information that will better help you prepare, budget, and appreciate working with a designer. Topics include:

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

Budgets & Financials: What To Expect

True Design Vs Reality T.V.

Interior Designer Or Architect: Who To Hire & When

What Adds Value To A Home: Appraiser Tells All

Our hope is to educate the viewer so expectations are better aligned with the reality and the business of the interior design and you can have a more enjoyable, memorable and positive experience.


Our next video in the works is


True Design vs Reality T.V.

  • Realistic Budgets

  • Actual Project Timeline

  • Cost vs Donations