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Adding Luxury To Your Home

The Unique Details Are What Elevate A Home

Everybody has a different opinion of what luxury is. It's often crafted over time as our style, and life exposure diversifies. It may be subconsciously imprinted upon us at a young age by what our parents perceive as luxury. Perhaps luxury is super high quality, pricey furniture that is intended to be passed down through generations? If celebrities own it, does that mean it's luxe? Do you feel it has to have some element of sparkle such as crystal, gemstones, or even mirrored glass? Maybe it's the handcrafted, artisanal goods made from years of refined experience with great attention to detail that hold the most value and exude luxury?

Whatever your definition, I think we can all agree luxury does evoke a certain vibe and response from us. You know it when you see it in a magazine or on social media, or when you walk into a friends home. You may even think it's unobtainable and out of your budget at times. While luxury in the general sense if often associated with a high price tag, I believe it has more to do with the art of curation and having an experienced eye. What does that even mean?

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The action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition.

It's not about the volume of items in your home, but rather thoughtfully purchased, unique items that help tell a story or evoke a certain mood. Don't be concerned with what your neighbors have, or the latest trends out there. Select items that move and excite you!

One of the easiest ways to source unique finds is to purchase something every time you travel. Be it art, a sculptural item, or a fabulous piece of fabric, be intentional about purchasing unexpected objects from foreign places. The benefits are you'll likely be the only one who has these finds, and it will remind you of the experiences and memories made while traveling.

If you are not a world traveler, or can't get out as often as you would like, I encourage you to consider shopping on Etsy. Etsy has wonderful vendors that make and sell product from all over the word. You can get one-of-a- kind beauties in various price points.

We are inundated daily with mass-produced, factory-made products, and removed from the natural materials that surround our everyday lives - when in fact our senses; sight, touch, and even smell crave the natural essence.

Some of the most luxurious and impactful spaces I have ever been in hero and celebrate nature's beauty.

Consider adding more woods, woven textures, ceramics, and even natural stones into your space. I truly believe humans were always intended to live in close proximity with nature and natural elements. I practice this in my personal home. We have plenty of live plants, and materials that are visibly from nature surrounding us.

It gives an earthy and sophisticated feel to our home. A few detail ideas below.


Traditional retail shopping is quick and easy, especially with every catalog known to man arriving on our doorstep daily, hah! If you go the mainstream route look for items that are a little quirky, have a unique shape, and don't forget to play with scale.

There is no one definition of what luxury is, it's personal to each of us. So get out there and hunt for the unique. If you'd like professional guidance visit our services page and see how Thurman Design Studio can help transform your home! Below is a capsule collection of some of our recent finds that we feel will elevate your space.


Great design and or luxurious deign isn't about filling your home with "stuff", but it should enhance your life by surrounding you and your family with good vibes, and meaningful treasures that bring you joy!

Till next time!

 Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN


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