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Home Office Design

The new home office is INSPIRED, FUNCTIONAL, & full of comfort

I've always had a love for home offices. I guess it's because it affords the user the comforts of home, but when properly designed can be just as functional and professional as a commercial space. While the home working environment may not be for everyone, for those who find themselves working from home, let's discuss how to make it as chic and functional as possible. Just because it's "work" related doesn't mean if can't still be beautiful.


I do feel its extremely important to designate a specific space in your home to call your office - this ideally is not your kitchen counter or dining room. Even if it's a corner in a spare bedroom, claim this space as yours.


Invest in quality office furniture, certainly a high performing desk and office chair. They say sitting is the new smoking, SO consider a full-motion sit-stand desk. If your space is big enough, add a more unique writer's desk in front of it. Remember it's not about who will see it - what if you, and you alone will experience this space? Don't you deserve to have quality product, for your back, neck and shoulders to be properly supported? Yes you do! If you'r space is only large enough for one desk, adding a fun oversized table lamp is an easy way to bring in uniqueness. It's about blending the practical with the aesthetically pleasing. This is a great brand for Sit-Stand desks, UPLIFT. Chairs can be a big ticket item, and of course can be customized with a million options. For a shorter lead time, good comfort, and decent pricing I like this brand SIT ON IT. Click images below to see product details.


Don't discredit the small but mighty traditional secretary desk. It's a perfect solution for smaller spaces, and it provides compact storage solutions.



Don't think of this space as a stuffy work area, filled only with Zoom calls and stressful emails. Treat this area with the same thought and creativity as you would other rooms in your house. Think through a color palette you enjoy and explore adding wallpaper, either to the walls or even the ceiling.

I can't stress enough the importance of good lighting. You want at least 3 different types of lighting in any given space (especially a home office). Task lighting on your desk, ambient general lighting such as can lights that provide a smooth even light, and decorative lighting. This would be your accent lighting like wall sconces, floor lamps, spot lighting.The decorative lighting is what elevates your space, taking it from basic to memorable. Don't ask, "Is this office appropriate?" Broaden your lighting style and find something that's interesting, even a little quirky is good.


Whether or not your home office has a window, I encourage you to bring nature indoors. Be it fake or real, bring in natural textures ie; plants, flowers, woven materials (perhaps in your area rugs). Even your desk organizers can be made of rattan, marble, or wood. We surround ourselves with technology and equipment daily, when it's time for that stretch or lunch break you can sit back and take in the beauty of natural materials.


Remember we're not in a corporate office setting. Thats means you can play music, burn that wonderful candle, and set out fresh flowers or greenery. Set the tone for an environment that is pleasing and makes you happy to be there! If you're a coffee drinker get a small Keurig and place it in your office. Is tea your jam? Get an electric coffee pot and store your tea bags in the space. It doesn't matter that you can walk to your kitchen, we're intentionally trying to create separation from the rest of the home. Add these little luxuries and you'll see how your home office will transform your daily work experience.

The Home Office is here to stay! Do some research and find ways to make your space feel more inspired. If you're at a loss or simply don't have the skill, patience, or time to revamp your home office, our design team is here to help. Book a complimentary Discovery Call and tell us about your office needs.

Till next time!

 Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN


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