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Preparing Your House For Spring

Spring Cleaning, A Fresh Color Palette & Transformative Textiles

Spring is in the air! It's finally almost here. I don't know about you but I am more than anxious for warmer days, gardening, outdoor gatherings and ultimately a sense of freshness that this restorative season brings.

There's something about Spring that always makes me want to purge, get organized and create a fresh landscape for the house. There's so much beauty in the Spring season, and many ways to incorporate it into our homes. From color palettes to floristry, and cozy furniture, I want to share easy ways to bring the outdoors in. I will break this down into a few series.

First, let's talk home organization, and how to source/embrace a new Spring color palette to give your home a fresh facelift. Last weekend my husband, Josh, & I spring-cleaned. We worked our way through the downstairs, tackling all the areas we knew were cluttered and disorganized: pantry, laundry room, china hutch in the dining room, and our master bath linen closet.

The way I like to get into the groove of cleaning is to light a great candle or burn incense, and then turn on a fabulous playlist. As some of you may know I am lover of world music and culture. I have numerous playlists of various artists from around the world. I created this eclectic playlist for you guys to get into the spring cleaning zone.

If you have apple music you should be able to login to your account by clicking on the graphic below and access the playlist.

The key to good purging and organization is to have containers and labeling in place so you don't over purchase. When you go to look for that power cord or command strip you know exactly where it is.

If you don't have systems and a method of grouping things it'll never look tidy and neat. Trust me, commit to doing this once then take the time to refresh every 3-4 months, and you will have a more efficient and peaceful home. Heres a few snapshots of our organizing efforts.

Below are links to the exact organizational bins and labels we used in our home. Click on the image.


Now that your space is clean and tidy, let's think through some simple home updates for Spring.

If you are at a loss for where to start, I suggest creating a quick mood board. Gather your paint chips, fabric and textiles, magazine cutouts, even found objects around the house. You're are trying to channel the Spring vibe you want to see in your home. Don't overthink it, just gather what speaks to you.

You can use this as a reference point as you work your way through the house.

Textiles are by far the most simple and cost effective way to add Spring energy into your home.

Accent pillows, throw blankets, bedding, placemats, coasters, even dish towels are things you can easily swap out. Say goodbye to those winter tones and aim for something fresher and lighter. Shop our favorite spring textiles below by clicking on the image.


No matter if you're going for a bold colorful look, or a more classic timeless Spring style, start by purging and organizing. Then brainstorm by creating a mood board and purchase a few textiles staples that will elevate your home and embrace the freshness of Springtime.

Back home (in Los Angeles), indoor /outdoor living is super important. We are currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on our screened in patio on our new home. I'll be sharing that process here with you guys soon.

Till next time!

 Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN


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