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The Current State of Interior Design

What You Should Know & How to Align Your Expectations

It's no surprise to anyone that the world is still on the mends from the effects of COVID. Thousands of industries have been effected and the interior design world is no different. I wanted to keep you up-to-date on continued challenges that the interior design industry is currently facing. Ironically it is one of the busiest and most flourishing times, and yet the logistics behind it all are uniquely difficult.

You may have noticed the shipping delays and backorders that every manufacturer is experiencing are at an all-time high. Strained lead-times and lack of supplies have forced manufacturers to implement overtime shifts; however, when supplies are limited, efficient operations become limited as well.

As we are all aware, COVID has been a huge stressor on all industries. Shipping expediency has been negatively impacted by lack of supply, holes in production with sick factory employees, and tripling costs of shipping containers, with port delays as a result of no openings for ships to dock for weeks. These issues combined with the recent power outages in Texas, harsh winter weather, flooding, and power outages have added insult to injury with longer wait times for product arrival.

Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN

Everyone, including designers and clients are facing prolonged backorders, low to no stock, and repeated pushback of estimated arrival dates. While these challenges are out of our control and disappointing, we wanted you to have a sense of what is going on and why.

The space overall was dated, lackluster, and ultimately didn't function the best for the client. We knew the moment we walked in the doors this was going to be a renovation job from floor to ceiling.

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep you informed and explain the realities of delays right now. We want you to be aware that shipping dates are highly subject to change and delay. Please do not stress over this. We want you to have peace-of-mind and assurance that we will mediate and handle all of these issues to the best of our abilities and get your products to you as efficiently as possible. As our client, you are top priority.

All of this should not deter you from starting your next project, in fact let this motivate you to get a game plan together, stick with it, and begin the design process. The sooner you start the sooner you will have a freshly-designed space.

Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN

Is Your Home a Refuge or a Wreck?

Home, has never been more important and meaningful than in this present moment. If you're considering tackling a design project now is the time to get started.

Think about your home, is it functional, up to date, and comfortable in its current state?

Perhaps you only need a room refresh, updated paint, rugs, accents and accessories. Or it may be time for a renovation or complete furniture overhaul, providing a clean slate where we can transform your room/home completely.

Television shows, magazines, and Pinterest make designing a home seem easy, it's more complicated than that. Quality design has many layers and many moving parts. From conceptual design to the fabrication of product and installation of goods, from ordering, tracking, and managing the contractor and all the subs in between--it takes work!

If you have a design project you'd like us to help you with, book a Design Consultation today.

We look forward to connecting with you!!

Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN


 Thurman Design Studio_Interior Design_Franklin, TN


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