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  • Never say never to fun and enthusiastic change. How about taking a complete 180° on your current bathroom aesthetic? Tempted? Our TDS Bold & Spirited Bathroom Kit won’t disappoint. This design makes an immediate statement with its unexpected palette of color and charm that compliments your own desire to be different.


    Take the challenge and don’t just imagine. Do it! We’ll start by creating a bold statement across the entire floor. Imagine an avant-garde, triangular combination of luxurious black jade and grey-veined Calacatta marble that greet you at your bathroom door. Soft dove or bold onyx cabinetry, with brush polished nickel hardware, each make their own complementary backdrop to the dashing tile floor. The subtly, snowy white walls and cascading white linen window treatments will be easy-on-the-eyes making the undoubtedly venturesome spirit pop. However, the entire ambiance isn’t complete yet. While the grey, concrete countertops are a perfect fit, there’s more!


    We didn’t forget the ceramic tile on your shower walls. Both options are irresistibly sumptuous—one in an “other-worldly” jade or the other in a soothing, yet indulgent pink. You can’t go wrong with a bold and spirited bathroom. When the look is complete, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make this transformation sooner!


    • - 2 Paint Samples - Walls, Trim & Accent

      - 2 Cabinetry Samples - Vanity

      - 2 Cabinet Hardware Samples - Pull & Knob

      - 1 Countertop Sample  - Quartz

      - 1 Window Treatment Sample

      - 1 Bathroom Floor / Shower Floor Tile Sample

      - 2 Shower Walls Tile Samples


      All kits come with a complete selections printout, product image, SKU details, vendor name, and contact info for purchasing.

    • All sales are final; however, if an item is discontinued within 3 months of receipt, we will gladly provide a replacement option.

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